My second part time job!!

January 19, 2008

well..4 those who noe..this is my second part time first..i think most of u didn’t noe bout first i was working with Hoe Siang’s dad..birds’s quite fun actually fooling around in our working room with hoe siang,justin n yi was 2005..this year..i’m working as beer promoter or better known as GRO Carlsberg(i don drink while i’m working k n i’m selling Carlsberg,Danish Royal Stout,Skol n Jolly Shandy only..)just a shout out so dat u guys noe i don drink..i sell..especially to winnie coz she keep accusing me of drinking while i’m i dat kinda person??well selling beer is not n easy job..coz we r not like normal promoter..we need to carry our own stock since The Store don have enough store boy n we need to keep track of our stock which is hundreds of far i nvr count finish the stock yet n don think yihan had finish counting it either..coz dat day he counted wrongly..maybe he’s drinking..haha..anyway..juz wanna thank him here coz he’d been a great help 4 me on my first day..he work without getting any pay on dat day..pity..

First Day.. 9th Jan

first day is damn hard..when we r about to start our work our salesman came n tell us dat the stock does not place at the right place n we need to rearrange again it’s hell messy first..we need to fill up the rack luckily yi han was there he’s an excellent stocker..then we need to carry the non-promotional pack n replace it with the CNY promotional pack to n fro from the third floor!!luckily there’s a lift in the store area..i think dat day alone me n yihan had moved more then 300 cartons of beer..the day ended with no sales of Carlsberg beer n 7 cartons of Jolly Shandy..

Second Day..12th Jan

sales of second day do improve a lil..sold 4 cartons of Carlsberg n nothing else..but no carrying n moving around dat day..but i was stalk by unwanted visitor..Jac n work ended slightly later dat night coz it’s saturday night..n those customer purposely shop slowly when it almost reach 10pm..


Fourth Day..16th Jan

juz like usual..reach my post b4 1pm..but dat’s slightly different..opposite of my pavilion there’s two guy with red T-shirt..straight away knew then..dat they r Tiger’s GRO..they r quite friendly is from our school..his name is Willie..n another 1 from KTAR..juz finish his diploma n going 4 degree in may..three of us plus Swee Meng joke all day long without caring bout our customers..coz we don get any commission!!!the arrival of tiger’s promoter do bring me some luck..dat day alone..i sold more then 63 cartons of carlsberg..thx to 1 indian uncle..he alone bought 60 cartons of carlsberg,10 cartons of tiger,10 cartons of guiness n 20 cartons of anchor the same time bought 25 cartons of coca cola n 25 cartons of 100 plus..there’s oso a funny situation taken place when we suddenly talk bout hentai..i dunno how we started it but it’s dang funny..earlier..swee meng was helping a girl to carry those hamper to the front la..near the entrance there..after the place is filled with hamper.. the girl ask swee meng to go back n do wat he need to do again lo..then he come join us..after hanging round with us 4 almost half n hour we start talking bout dat stuff’s the conversation..

Swee Meng:eh willie ni chi tao ma..hentai you he tuo chong de..(eh willie u noe or not hentai got a lot of type 1)

then out of nowhere the girl go tap swee meng’s shoulder n ask him to work again..after a few seconds of shock..we suddenly start laughing n teasing at swee meng..instantly he n the girl’s face turn red..we can’t control ourself until ppl start looking at us then only we quiet down..but it continue 4 quite some time..whenever swee meng try to come near us we’ll say ‘hentai you he tuo chong..’the day ended with me n my new friends going back late bcoz of dat stupid F&N lorry..they promise to deliver the stock at 3pm but only reach at 9.30pm!!!dat’s half n hour b4 our supermarket close!!curse those lorry driver..

Fifth Day..18th Jan

hell yea..finally we started to do shift..n i’m in the morning shift..morning shift is damn boring n tiering..coz i don get used to waking up early..when i reach there i juz do normally wat i do..scan all my products to check is there any change in the price..n finally..there is..carlsberg 16s from is cheaper by 4 bucks n each can costs bout rm4.30 only..vry cheap..but later got a call from the office telling me dat the computer got prob n dat price r suppose to start from tommorow..19th of nvm..i don give a damn is even better..more ppl join us in our conversation..there’s bout 6-7 when we talk..ppl start to look at us..n again..we retell n rimmitate swee meng’s bluder..haha..dang the same time..yihan ask me a stupid but yet sensible question..i guess u guys noe wat is chinese arrowhead rite..or better known as nga ku in cantonese..he ask me..why is nga ku known as arrowhead in english..y cant it be spear head..n then i tell him..up to u 1 la..wat u want to call dat thing oso can 1..arrowhead la,spearhead la,dickhead oso can..i was kinda tired..dat’s y i tell him like dat..but unexpectedly..he added two new name to dat nga ku..lanciao tao n kepala kote..great rite..kinda funny when i rethink of the situation juz now..when he tell other ppl bout the name he created..we started laughing like mad ppl again..dat’s all 4 the moment..will blog bout my job n chinese new year is some pics..

my stock


my stock 2

opponent’s stock

my pavilion..

Tiger’s pavilion


dat dude on the left is willie..n the 1 on the right..i 4get his name d..haha..end of post..ciao..


too bad my first post i gonna blog bout my favourite club..Liverpool FC..juz saw this piece of news juz now at Sky Sports

Hicks in Klinsmann talks

Benitez future cast into real doubt

..well to be honest..Benitez had really done a great job in Liverpool in this 4 years..y should they sack him juz bcoz of a few straight draw..n lets face it..the chance of us getting the EPL crown this season it’s like the day i gonna like cats..kinda impossible¬† unless the current top 3 draw or loss 4-5 games in a row n at the same time we win..this is the article

Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks has cast more doubt over Rafa Benitez’s future at Anfield after confirming the club lined up a move for Jurgen Klinsmann before the German moved to Bayern Munich.

Benitez’s position at Liverpool has been the subject of constant speculation ever since his row with Hicks and fellow co-owner George Gillett.

Klinsmann was strongly linked with a move to Liverpool, with Hicks and Gillett believed to be big admirers of the former Germany coach.

Hicks has now sensationally admitted that he tried to negotiate an option to bring the former Tottenham hero to Anfield as a replacement for Benitez.

“In November, when it appeared we were in danger of not advancing in the Champions League, weren’t playing well in our Premier League matches, and Rafa and we were having communication issues over the January transfer window, George and I met with Jurgen Klinsmann to learn as much as we could about English and European football,” Hicks told the Liverpool Echo.

“He is a very impressive man. We attempted to negotiate an option, as an insurance policy, to have him become our manager in the event Rafa decided to leave our club for Real Madrid or other clubs that were rumoured in the UK press, or in case our communication spiralled out of control for some reason.

“After George and I had our long and productive meeting with Rafa following the Man United match, we put all of our issues behind us and received Rafa’s commitment that he wanted to stay with Liverpool.


“We never reached agreement on an option with Jurgen, and we are both pleased for him that he has a great opportunity to return to Germany and coach a great club team.

“Rafa has both of our support, and our communication has greatly improved.

“Foster, Rick Parry and Rafa now have regular meetings at Melwood on Monday mornings.

“The two families always try to have a telephonic meeting on Monday afternoons, so we all are on the same page. We all want to win more games.”

The Spaniard has played down the rumours over his future by saying he is happy at Anfield, but Hicks’ comments could see Benitez’s position become untenable.

so wat if Jurgen can’t deliver a good result too??sack him in 4 years time again..i really don understand wat is happening in EPL nowadays..managers r not robots..they need time to get them self settled n get used to the system of the club then only a club can win prizes..Bernitez already proved dat he is one of a kind by guiding Liverpool to the UEFA Champions League victory in 2005 the first season he’s in charge of Liverpool then next season an UEFA Super Cup, FA Cup n reach the League Cup final..previous season,we won the Community Shield n reach the UEFA Champions League Final which manager can do dat in 4 seasons??not even Mourinho n Wenger..



   last..but not least..IN RAFAEL I BELIEVE!!!