aight 4 u guyz who didn’t noe..i’m still working in the store sitiawan..but this time different department..i’m the currently acting assistant supervisor of frozen department..stuff dat i sell??,nuggets,dairies products,frozen foods,n many more..except 4 ice cream is under vegetable department..since my explanation is here..STOP ASKING ME STUPID QUEST OF WAT I’M DOING IN THE STORE K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

working in this department ain’t ez..loads dat we gonna carry is much heavier then those hundreds of cartons of carlsberg i sold 2 months ago..1 basket of fruits is about 20-50kg!!!imagine!!cold rooms r like hell there..only 2 cold rooms r normal..bout 0-3 degree celcius..the rest is -18 man!!!so..still wanna waste money on vacation??going to places dat can snow or vry cold juz to get the experience..NO!!come to the store n request to work in either frozen or vegetable department..n u’ll get ur full experience the same time u get paid too..haha..unlike vacation huh..spend n get an assistant supervisor..there’s more job 4 me too..yea..i need to sign paperwork!!haha cool eh..i feel like a tai lo pan whenever i sign invoices n P.O..haha..great experience..working in this department ain’t dat bad anyway..coz we can drink n eat watever dat came into our sight..yea winnie i really drink this time..but not beers ok!! fruits,yogurt drink,yogurts..etc..those r sampling though..u noe la..sampling..the best b4 date is like..haha..fruits r actually not suppose to be eat by is forbidden..but as a curious,good,caring customer server i must try those fruits..juz to noe whether it is sweet or not..haha..i’m not like Adam ok..he ate dat apple 4 his own pleasure..but i eat 4 guide them to buy the right fruits..haha..sound responsible enough??wonder where those not so nice fruits will go to??well..i think u guyz noes best..i’ll promote to those who pakai sarung kaki on their head!!no kidding dude..n whenever u guyz come to the store n buy frozen food..better come n consult me first..haha..

here r some pics..image003.jpg

-18 cold room…look at those ice at the air curtain man..


dat’s the ice cream cold room..-18 too..but smaller..


dat ice not made by any 1 of is formed by it self under 4 ‘small fans’

love letter found pinned under my printing machine!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid fellar..let the whole world c his love note..


this ‘flower’ is made by a home security during valentines day..creative eh..


my stupid dumb ass colleague who nvr brush his teeth n with smelly body don even noe how to spell the word seedless!!!

dat’s all 4 this pose..can’t get pics of invoices..coz it’s forbidden.if caught kena pigi minum kopi n makan nasi kandar at jail..