April 6, 2008

Pentarafan is usually the last camp for most of the scouts of Malaysia ..after suffering for 4 years of intensive training,camping n test this is the finale..the 5th year..their last camp n the hardest 1..during this camp..participants is test wit everything that they hv learn throughout their 5 years of some (like sachin n justin) maybe longer coz they joined since primary school..this year we went there as helpers juz to fulfill our duty as we had passed this camp last year n of course to get our cert coz if we nvr attend we r not gonna get our real cert with the 9 ‘APEK’S’ signature..screw them..juz to get their signature we gonna suffer 4 so long!!nvm dat..this year is vry much different from last year though..coz finally we can go there by our own car!!yes we do drive there..justin as the owner n driver of his super ‘cangih’ Toyota Corolla,me as his co-driver,sachin n hoe siang as normal passenger..wei jian n yihan came with our national made 4WD ‘mpv’ perodua kembara..not surprising though 4 him to drive his mother’s car there..but something do surprised me dat day..the passenger who came with him..dat is none other then yihan..thought he gonna lepas kapal terbang when yihan told us dat he gonna give him a ride there..haha..n the first thing he say when he get down from the car is..’my car got no power juz now’..understand wat he’s trying to explain la..

our taiko..Justin a.k.a ah ngau ko

looks like justin gonna fall asleep soon..

crap..hoesiang move his face to the middle a bit slower when i took this pic..

when there’s car..temptation of going out 4 every single meal is vry foods prepare there is vry unhygenic..n stalls there r infested wit flies!!so practically..we almost went out 4 every single meal..however,our activity was spied closely by hilir perak ccs n on the third day,after sachin left,they back stab us,by complaining to officers there..but still..nothing happens..haha..screw u ccs!!

they only complain bout us after sachin left coz he’s the ketua pembantu watever dat they gonna complain they knew sachin gonna tell they took the opportunity when he left to back stab us..wonder y sachin got choosen 4 this post??simple..coz he get 11 straight A’s..n at the same time sit in the middle of me n when the officer ask we king scouts who got more A’s,me n justin point straight away at him..coz if we don,they gonna choose their self..i got no choice but to push the job to him coz almost every year they will push the job to king scout helpers wit dyed sry la sachin..haha..

wonder y hoe siang always wants to show his emo face whenever ppl take his photo..

sungai perak..better not to mess wit this river..coz u gonna pay wit ur life..

the real boss..Tn.Raymond,sachin is only our supervisor..

how many ppl u need la to build a sentry??pandai betul our vry own acs yet to be mechanical time even a small project he can make it looks as if it is a big 1..

say ppl childish..look at urself first la sachin!!haha..

part of thier test..if i’m not wrong dat’s craft tangan..

zhongyang wit 1 of the craft tangan made by Manjung scout..wat a shame..sigh..

sachin holding a so called penangkap ikan..also made by a Manjung scout..sigh..

Zzzzzzz….nothing else to do..

haha..they r begging me to let them pass this rambu test..

scouts from LMS..they r the best every single year..without fail..even we can’t match them..

pink pink pink…

manjung clowns..

dang..they use bandage as..erm..watever dat is..

eh justin..this is wat we call baju kurung ok!! not kebaya!!..

i would like to thx wei jian n justin here as they give me hell loads of ideas of how to talk to her n treat’s only dat i didn’t execute it properly..thx a lot anyway..or else dat 5 minutes wouldn’t even will happen..

i juz remove her pic..coz she’s not so glad bout too bad la 4 u guys who view my blog a lil too late..sry again siew yin..