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August 31, 2008

aight..since i didn’t include any photo in my previous post i’ll paste some in here..so sit back n relax..it’s gonna be pictures only..

my hostel..night view..pic taken from my room..

UNITEN lousy bus..

my lanyard..

UNITEN’s ambulance..

COIT (College Of Information Technology) main lobby..(left)

COIT (College Of Information Technology) main lobby..(right)

the lobby is too big..can’t take it at 1 shot..or maybe my hp’s camera too cha..

MPH..(multi purpose hall)..4 got the new name 4 it d..haha

this hall is 8+ times  bigger then the ACS hall..no offense yea..acs hall seriously damn small smaller then my lacture hall..hehe..

lembu caught sleeping during orientation..

eewh…who wanna eat UNITEN’s kampua??haha

my college..can’t find this kinda stuff from COE (College of Engineering)..so only post COIT 1..

Kelanasiswa UNITEN..Scout troop of UNITEN aka Snowfox Rowers..btw among all the AJKs n members..me n justin r the highest rank dudes there..haha..we got 1 dragonball n they don even have 1!!

Arab guy during our hostel’s fire drill..cool dude he is..joke n make fun of the activity through out the fire drill..when those organizers light up the fire to demonstrate how to extinguish it he even shout dat terrorists bomb dat tong n create a scene of panic with bunch of his friend..crazy fellar..

part of UNITEN campus..juz a super duper small part of this campus..dat’s the lacturers residential area..

COIT!!! Left wing..aka Anjung Lagenda


those super clever Indon maids who don even noe how to differentiate between guys washroom sign n girl’s washroom sign ‘accidentally’ place this stuff in our washroom

sofa in 1st floor lobby..

my sleeping,lepak,area..

Library night view..

library scary staircase..u’ll noe y when u climb to the top..btw…uniten’s library is the bigest library in the whole southeast Asia n they have helipad on the roof!!

lab session..dat’s Bryant on my left..

lembu take 2..tidur saja tahu..

my table..

my room mate’s table..i guess most of u guys noe who is my room mate rite??hehe..

my bed..after afternoon nap..

my room mate’s bed..hoho..wat a mess…

few days b4 Clinique come to UNITEN..

Girl a : Eh b apa tu?? Clinique??tak pernah dengar pun

from quite a distance..Ang :(talking to himself..) OMG this ladies dunno what clinique is..may god help them..

Girl b : ooh Clinique ke..barang mereka mahal tau..eh,ada free gift la..kena ambik bila mereka datang nanti..

they talk quite loud dat day..damn beh paiseh u noe they all..luckily it wasn’t dat day when clinique came..

early morning..where is all the sales girls??

yea..i attend their workshop..quite a lot of guys attend too..

counter full of ppl..i bought something too..

men skin supplies..

aight..dat’s all dat i have..short summary..

4 those who still didn’t noe..we have 5 acs fellars here taking foundation..

Justin,Jiayi,GYP,Kishal,n me..there r 2 nanhwa fellars here too..1 of them is my class mate..

there’s a lot of blind guys chasing GYP..

life aint good here..gonna eat spicy food every single day..i’m quite suprise dat my face didn’t grow dat much of pimples dat i’m expecting..

COE consists more chinese n Indians then malays..

COIT..90% is Bumis..my god!!

there r only 13 chinese in COIT taking foundation out of 256 students

i have a small crush on a girl who is not a chinese,not a malay,not an indian,n not an arab not a mix as well..

my room mate’s name is 1 of those guys i mention above..after those photos..

last but not least..i’m still single..haha..



August 4, 2008

差不多5个月了没发博文.之前一直忙着准备上大学的东西,所以没时间..第一天在大学实在不习惯..和以前中学的生活相差天和地啊!!!!可是我就好像变色龙一样,在什么地方都很快就适应了.在大学第一个星期当然没上课..我们的学长安排不少节目给我们,是为了然我们更了解马来西亚最好的大学..但学长安排的节目就好像折磨我们一样..每一天都要很早起床….HOLY SHIT…一个星期都没睡好觉..光阴似箭<>一个星期的节目就这样结束了!!这一个星期我们就正式上课了…上课期间认识了不少朋友,在大学的生活开始有了色彩..我是读科技的..而且我的学院是在大学里最冷的地方.所以每次去上课时,就好像从沙漠走到北极一样..很夸张叻!!!每当上课时得带冷衣,不然就结冰了.