September 26, 2008

okok..i’m not dat kuat semangat UNITEN k..i use dat as my header coz it is from UNITEN’s “university” song lyrics..YES!!we do have university song..the lyrics is kinda like more patriotic then our Negaraku anthem..haha..u guys out there must be thinking..:’wat the hack??university d still got song ah??’ it’s quite good 4 us niversity student actually..it gives a sense of belonging..dunno la..dat’s my point of view..juz like when we study at primary n secondary school..school songs reminds us of why we are here,wat’s our duty as a student,so on n so for..in short,to instill loyalness n to remind us of wat we r supposed to contribute to the school n country..ok cut the crap..in this post i’m gonna post bout some of my subjects, introduce some of the friends i noe here n some more pics of my house n campus..

ok..i’ll start wit my subjects..i’m taking 5 subjects this sem..n the subs are : College Algebra,Computer Literacy,English,Moral Studies,n Malaysia Teritorial Army..i won’t introduce the first 4 coz i think u guys agak agak noe wat am i suppose to study in those subs rite?? in Malaysia Teritorial Army,stuff dat we need to do is more towards practical then theory..4 example..we need to march,physical exercise,n camping..we only have to attend this class once every week..n every session lasts 3 hours..in UNITEN every single foundation student must take this subject..so far we already did marching n physical test..so left camping!!the 1 i’m waiting 4..apparel 4 this subject is; red long sleve orientation t-shirt,dark coloured track bottoms or slacks,n black coloured shoes..reason y they set this dress code is to let us look more uniform..coz the word Army is there..4 us IT student..we r the first batch..b4 this all our seniors never take this subjects b4 bcoz during their time this subjects is not introduced yet..justin they all gonna take at the third sem..so we r sepperated into three batch..first sem COIT student will take it first,then continue by COBA student,lastly COE student..my batch is the smallest batch..wit only 259 students,next  sem coba gonna do this subject wit 580+ students..n final sem COE gonna have 780+ take up this sub..this subject is not like wat i’ve thought earlier..it’s quite relaxing actually..more like PJ..we r seperated into 8 platoons..each platoon conisits of >30 <34 student..n we have rank holders in each platoons..we got 1 suberten..dunno wat’s dat.. 1 sarjan,n 3 corperals..suberten is the leader of each platoon..my platoon wanted me to become the suberten actually..coz they noe i got KING SCOUT..haha..but i kindly refuse their offer coz i’m already tired of ordering ppl around in scout..so this time i’ll be the “follower”..out of 8 suberten our trainers choose the best guy to be the SUO..Senior Under Order..dunno wat the hack is dat..every single week the Suberten must order us to masuk baris b4 the SUO can take over..once he take over he must report to our trainer..either the stupid old Sarjan or funny Majer..then our class will begin..when the class gonna end we must do the same thing again..exactly like scout la..except dat we must do Sorakan Kor Uniten..a rather stupid sorakan..btw..this sub is oso known as Kor Uniten in our campus..Kor stands for rejimen or batallion..i dunno la..but it is a malay dialect if i’m not wrong..

next..friends i make here..i do make some ok friends here..chinese,indian,malay oso got..ok i’ll start wit bryant..my closest buddy here(when justin n jiayi is not around)haha jk jk don get angry k bryant..he is my classmate..we r in the same section n every single class..he is really active n practically good in every sport especially basketball..very creative n likes to rap..yea..he can rap in chinese..as good as Jay Chow..4 real man..i got 1 of his record..ha ha don worry dude i won’t release it here..he is also good in academic one of the few guys wit a lot of A’s studying in COIT he got 9A’s if i’m not wrong..so..good la i can ask somebody when i don understand anything..he is also the 1 who noe’s how to say all those crazy syok sendiri stuff when every 1 is out of topic..every time when we r waiting 4 bus he’ll say ‘i wanna call my ahmad d la the bus so slow’ a lot more la all crazy sutff ..he is also a shy guy worst then me 4 real..

next johnson..he’s a malay girls magnet..somehow malay girls are attracted by him..but he don seem to mind at all..malay girls is ok to him..he is my primary school classmate too but transfer to klang b4 he complete standard 1,so can’t blame me la..coz i can’t recognize him at the orientation..i only noe dat he is from my former primary school when we introduce each other halfway throught the orientation..he asked me where am i from,when i tell him ACS sitiawan he was like..’oh!!American Cock Sucker(ACS) izzit?? u noe yuet ping la??’ from that conversation i only noe dat he was studying in Chung Hwa 3 n he was my class mate 1M!!

the rest of my friends i won’t elaborate so much about them d la..i’ll only add in stuff in their picture below..

ooh yea..btw our U recently held an election day too by the Majilis Perwakilan Pelajar..i dunno how they choose the candidate..but 1 of my senior say first they must apply..then they will be shortlisted through interviews n stuffs then the MPP will select the best 15 out of the rest to do campaign to promote thier self n their manifesto to get voters to vote 4 them on the election day..it’s exactly like out country’s election early of the year..banners n flyers can be seen all around the campus..the content of the banners n flyers r not printed by logos..instead they use their own photo..so just immagine ur photo is hang everywhere n when it falls on the ground the whole campus’s student gonna step on ur face..haha feel “great” rite..after bryant register..it’s my turn..when i was registering i hand my ID to the lady n my beg was hanging in front of me..she seems quite unhappy by the way how i prefer to carry my bag..i was thinking..so wat?? my wish la i wanna carry like dat..my mum don even scold me 4 dat..when she’s done she hand me back my ID n a voting paper in which we must vote for 3 candidate at most..n i voted for candidate 3,6,n 11!!however my first choice is still number 6!! (GO GO ANDY!! U CAN DO IT!!

ok here come the photos..more elaborations below..coz i dunno wat else to type d..

BV1 hall..1 hall dat we use for KOR UNITEN..

BV2 hall..both the BV hall is 1 of the oldest in this campus..

when my hair was long..miss them..sigh…

Kelompok Amanah badminton court..

yeap..astro on demand straight to my lappy..wanna noe how to do??call me..haha

COIT main entrance..

yea..u can get full audio sets in some of our COIT lvl4 labs..all Creative speakers wit sub woofers..cun eh??btw u can play LAN games there too..all the labs!!

my apartment hall b4 we clear the area..our hall not so messy 1 k..

washing area..after dinner..

book n shoe rack..book on top shoe below..instead of books we stock all our food there..hehe

“cooking” table..it is our dining table actually..

washing machine area..since dat we got no washing machine..so hand wash la..this is the place..

UNITEN tennis court..

UNITEN’s students favourite past time..yea CSCZ still rules!! (my pseudonym:Saddam Hussein,George W.Bush,Tony Blair,Nokia 5610 XpressMusic,69,Gudang Garam,Captain Price)

UNITEN Chinese Cultural Society moon cake festival sketch..btw the new president is a guy from our former school..ACSians..guess who??

Rakesh n Bryant..classmates..

Pruntha..my classmate..

BZ BZ!! last minute preparation 4 english presentation..


english class…

as u can c..majority of them is…………sigh…don wanna say la..

look justin’s finger..MPP stands for Majilis Perwakilan Pelajar..

my current hair length..super short..

UNITEN 1 n only basketball court…


student full filling his “duty”..dat’s all i have 4 the election photos..didn’t get enough..4got to take those banners n flyers photo..nvm..next year can take again..

McShorty spoted having dinner wit jue anne last friday..haha..we plan to go 4 Bak Kut Teh actually..but the shop didn’t open..so go 4 Sa Po Fan..not bad la..but i wonder who order the prawn 1??my whole mouth itchy like mad after dat..but didn’t tell u both sachin n justin..

frm left:Alvin,Johnson,Bryant..

short info of Alvin:he is from Ipoh..which school i 4get d..a syok sendiri person too..kinda creative too..a decent guitar player..a fast learner too..

reana..my classmate..

MTAF “dress code”..frm right:Tony,come from Sabah..can’t speak mandarin fluently but understand it..Ah Du(sitted):came from Sitiawan..Nan Hwa student..any1 c him b4??..Chung Lee/Li:came from Klang he is my platoon mate..

waiting 4 bus…

another DFA pic of mine..haha..



UNITEN mosque..

he is Ahzim..a chinese mix wit malay..4got his chinese name d..CS expert..

ok..last photo of the post…

do u all think she looks like some one??hm…guess guess guess…i’m stil guessing..

4 DAYS TO RAYA!! btw..did azizi call any of u guys??