well..y m i sao angry??ok let me explain..

1st..my hostel management juz installed a new security device 4 the internet..dat means..our freedom to use the internet is rather limited from now on..IMs r vry unstable,Firefox not performing like usual..n sometimes it don work at all!!! n what ever we search in the internet,it’ll all be sent to the core server..dat means,whoever who drop by porn websites will be traced n ‘prosecuted’..furthermore..we must sign in b4 we use wat make it worst is dat even if we key in the correct ID n password they’ll show ID NOT FOUND!!!dat’s hell of a problem u noe..coz they did not stabalize the programme b4 it is applied here..screw the programmer!!

2nd..whenever there is heavy rain n thunder..electricity will go off..n the worst thing is..the residence didn’t even go n on the switch back..instead..it’s always student who did dat..lembu did dat countless times d..wat if 1 day 1 of the students got shock by electricity??who will be held responsible 4 this??the residence defenitely will push all the responsibilities to the victim 4 being a kepo..come on lets face it..who wanna wait for hours unable to use electricity when u noe the supply is there n u juz need to go n on the main switch..we r students man!!we need lights n electricity continuously to study!!

3rd..office hours to claim ur spare keys in case u lost ursĀ  r rather odd..i’m not so sure bout the time we r available to claim from the residence..but y don u make it 24 hours??!! not every 1 will go back by 12am..don tell me u expect the students to sleep at the corridor through the night..if anything happend..we can sue till ur pants drop!!HAHA!!

4th..my malaysian studies lacturer is a FUCKING RACIST..well i don wanna talk much bout him..if i don have any more malaysian studies paper in degree..i will wack him up kao kao d by this end of sem..n he make hell loads of ‘facts’ dat i can’t find in the internet n magazines.. such as ‘BILL GATES TERLALU KAYA SEHINGGA KERAJAAN AMARIKA SYARIKAT KENA BELAH KAN HARTA DIA SUPAYA DIA TAK BOLEH MEMBELI NEGARA TERSEBUT’..did u hear or read bout dat kinda stuffs b4??i should have recorded wat he say in every single class la..n try to find which is true n which is fake..i think he talk more fake facts then true facts..btw..he never site the source in his notes..other lacturers did..so we didn’t even noe where his sources came from n didn’t even noe if it is reliable..every1 in the class is waiting 4 him to make a wrong move only..once he step into our trap..haha..we’ll c the Dean in our lacture hall again haha..in which it happened last sem..in moral class..coz too many ppl ponteng but the attendace list is oways full!!haha..

ok..dat’s all my complaint 4 the moment..i have a feeling dat it’ll increase soon..