February 27, 2009

A Double First For UNITEN Elite For the first time ever, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) has scored a double first. Not only will a UNITEN team make it to the ImechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) finals in London next month, they will also be the first a team outside of UK to do so. Indeed, UNITEN ELITE team members Dominic Hua Shi Hao, Lim See Beng, Ghoulesh and Tan Pong Seng have done the University proud. Come 5th March 2009, they are one of the six shortlisted for the final battling to be crowned as champions in the ‘Cooling the Planet’ World Final at ImechE in London, England. The ‘Cooling the Planet’ challenge is an opportunity for young engineers to showcase their skills and demonstrate the roles engineering play in solving global warming issues. Participating teams will be competing to present feasible engineering alternatives to reverse the effects of the phenomena. The UNITEN team’s project titled ‘Carbon Capturing Storage’ is competing against two other London-based teams, Faber Maunsell and Buro Happold in the Mitigation Approach category. The other category, the Geo-engineering Approach, is made up of three all-UK teams. UNITEN managed to beat participants in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific by emerging winners in the Asia Pacific regional heats in December 2008. Winners for this event will receive 500 pounds for each team member. Besides that, consultations will be offered by Climate Scientist and experts in making the winning idea a reality. The winning solution will also become part of Imeche’s environmental strategy and promoted to the media, policy makers and the general public. As such, the Final Competition is feted to be a big one which will be attended by British members of Parliament, professors and top companies. Kudos to UNITEN ELITE!!

there r no…….u noe..at all!!haha

copy n pasted from:http://www.uniten.edu.my/newhome/content_list.asp?contentid=3758


3rd sem starting soon..

February 25, 2009

holiday coming to an end soon..n this saturday gonna bid adieu to this lil town in which i had started living since 13..6 years d..time past so fast..holiday is kinda boring coz no kaki around..there r actually..but they r from uniten too..might as well juz meet them at Up Ten..well..i’m proud to say that i did NOTHING AT ALL this holiday..my daily activities are..wake up,bath,eat,newspaper,pick up sis,bath again,eat again,send sis to tui,pick up sis from tui,help my mom on some chores,sleep,dinner,gazing at my lappie’s screen,2-3am lights off..dat’s it..no life at all!!!i’m quite surprise dat i can sleep so long in the afternoon..i don practice dat..but since there is nothing much for me to do here so sleeping will allow me to kill some time off..

2nd sem results gonna come out soon..kinda excited n nervous..hopefully i can maintain my pointer..or improve a lil..i don expect my pointer to be above 3.5..but i hope i’ll get somwhere around above 3 n below 3.5..coz i screwed my computer paper..hehe..i’ll jump 4 joy if i can get juz a B- for dat paper..still did not pack my bags yet..gonna start packing 2moro i guess..hopefully 3rd sem will be much better then 2nd sem..3rd sem GOAL: score above 3.5 for my GPA!!haha..hopefully i can make it..i think i can if no 1 intro any new cun games to me in the period of 3rd sem..hopefully..i doubt i can go home as frequently as 2nd sem..coz not much long weekends..so i’ll expect me to stay in campus for most of the time in the upcoming sem..T.T..luckily i’ll have my dad’s previous girlfriend wit me..haha..yea gonna bring car to my Uni d..sooner then wat i had expected..hooray!!i don think i’ll drive around KL for the first month..i’ll try to get used to traffic in serdang first b4 i plan to travel further..moving around the campus ground will be much easier too now..haha..hello tennis court,hello library,n hallo swimming pool!!!

she’s coming out from NS soon..but don think i’ll have time to meet her in this sem..sad..miss her so much..but don think she knows..