March 2009

March 31, 2009

nothing much to blog bout juz gonna crap bout my semester of my foundation studies started finally..this is the fifth week..dat means it left 9 more weeks b4 damn fast..

week 1..

3rd sem started juz like 2nd sem..every1 came back here without the heart or will to study..coz holiday too short..get to noe new lecturers..Physics teacher is a crazy lady(my 1st chinese lecturer) she can finish 1 chapter in 1 week..n the speed dat she is teaching currently is faster then a jet plane..sometimes she can start a chapter on monday n end it on tuesday..the rest of the week we will juz do exercises in the lecture hours..maths right we r supposed to get back the same lecturer dat started to teach us since sem 1..but due to some ‘technical’ problem we got a new lecturer..a chinese lecturer too..(my 2nd chinese lecturer)..nothing special bout her except for her looks..she looks 10 years older then her current IT lecturer..big guy with a big belly..he looks like an indian but how sad..he is a ******…but 4 this sem he is the best lecturer i have..he make the class really interesting..he is much much much more fluent in english then BM..accounts lecturer..malay lady..she’s ok during lecture hours..but i don really like her when we r in the tutorials hour..coz she talk crap more then teaching..physics tutor..indian dude with big beer belly..a lame jack ass..but he can teach..IT lab lecturer..a foreigner..from Iran,Arab,Dubai,Bahrain?? i dunno where..but i can be sure dat he is the most handsome lecturer in the whole COIT..i’m sure my female classmates won’t pass their lab this time so easily coz they concentrate on him more then what he is teaching..haha..ain’t i right joline??

finally get my loan dat i had applied since 2nd sem..but how sad..i only manage to get half loan..which only covers my course fees n book allowance of rm600 a year..i couldn’t get the full loan which covers my living expenses too..T.T..went back to sitiawan on thursday nite juz to settle the loan stuffs..

2nd week..

nothing much happend this week..normal classes n stuffs..went KLCC with justin on sunday to hang out with sachin n his coll friends..

3rd week..

nothing much too..except 4 attending my uncle’s wedding dinner in Avenue K..Ah Yat Abalone’s Restaurant/Forum..nice place there..but didn’t take any pics at all..haha..

4th week..

usual piece of crap..homework starting to pile up!!went to midvalley 4 the first time in 3 months to get a sweater as a birthday present to my crush..last minute decision though..thx Joline again 4 ur idea..went back to CITY AWAN 4 the 2nd time in this month..juz 4 the pentarafan be honest..i went 4 the camp is not for any shit ass duty..i’m back there juz to c my crush..coz her birthday is on rush back there in the afternoon..then go in to the camp at night n give her the present..romp around the camp side 4 a few hours then cao back to sitiawan..went in the camp in the following next 2 days..doing nothing..juz lepak time wasting..sigh..

5th week..

came back 4 this week’s class feeling weird..feel kinda like damn blur..i even almost fainted in the living room juz now..i was squating to fill up my water bottle..but when i stand up i suddenly feel damn dizzy n my vision started to blur n it even turn greysih/blackish..u noe like when u play COD 4 n u r in critical condition..something like dat lar..damn scarry..gonna have physics quiz 2moro..didn’t even prepare yet..more exams n quizzes coming up soon next week..T.T..2moro gonna be April d..hehehehe..1st of prepared!!gonna update my birthday wishes soon too..haha..hopefully all my birthday wishes can be fulfilled..1 of them did came d..waiting 4 the rest only..haha..

dat’s all 4 my March