didn’t saw my new shoe yet..got a new watch as well..ish..2moro gonna hv a quiz and a midterm on saturday..web prog not done yet..2 more midterm papers to sit for through the following 2 weeks..y am i here blogging??ish ish..so fan nao!!dunno wat to do first!!annimation,drawings,projeks!!all not done yet..ish ish!!all this gifts come at the wrong time..it’s not even christmas yet..haha..merdeka gift??probably..cyn sheng left my uni d..kurang 1 person to bully d..ish..i’m not perfect in C prog oso..jia yi keep asking me to teach her..ish ish..later get low marks blame me pulak..wahlao..how i wish raya reach as soon as possible..ish..but dat means my projek dead line will be bought forward as well..wahlaoeh..this few day rain so damn heavily..wanna play bb oso cannot..like today..whole day sunny then 4pm rain pulak..untill now!!miss call of duty 2,4,5 so much!!gonna go watch UP this saturday after exam..hope it’s a nice movie..ish..i don’t noe y i like to use this word so much recently..ish!!

random pics..


my new watch..i get the silver 1..coz they don’t hv the black colour 1..


my burst car tyre..dunno wat happen??


latest me..dunno y i cut my hair till so short..ish!!


whenever i feel boring in class..Image082

study!!ISH ISH ISH!!


my brand new collection..

August 23, 2009

my late REEBOK DMX had serve me well for the past 2 years..but because of “old age” i was forced to retire it from my service earlier by half a year..reasons y i had to put him to retirement..

-the sole  gonna come off anytime soon..

-the inner sole got my foot print already!! and this makes running and jumping extremely uncomfortable n difficult..

-the pvc leather had cracked and started to drop like dandruff

-cushion supporting the feet had become so thin that i feel like i’m wearing a converse shoe to play basketball

lucky me..my parents went to penang and get me my first ever nike basketball shoe..had 2 reeboks,2 adidas,1 admiral,n 1 brooks b4..so far i find dat adidas basketball shoe n reeboks’ r almost similar..hm..wonder how a nike bb shoe feels like..haha..i’m waiting..here’s the image..

Nike Air Nside BB


a rather simple looking shoe..ngam ngam suit my taste..pick by my younger sis..luckily she didn’t pick those colourful retro basketball shoe for me..haha..or else i’ll look like a LaLa

top view

the top view..


the sole r rather simple..hope it’ll cope with my gameplay..coz i turn a lot..this is rather flat..


the outer view..no comment here..


i have a feeling dat the rear view looks rather fierce..hehe..


the inner view..i think it looks much nicer compare to the outer view..maybe nike should turn it around..


lastly..the front view..looks like old school to me..

this will be my 3rd nike n 10th sports functional shoe since form 1..for a guy,my rate of changing shoes can consider fast d..pity those africans who got no shoe to wear..how i wish i can send them my old shoes..i don’t think they even care bout old or new..as long as can wear can d..but it wouldn’t be nice for me to do like dat..coz ppl will thought dat i send junk to them..


August 8, 2009

i copy this from 1 of  The Star’s article..

The other death is a four-year-old with hyperthyroidism and pneumonia at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital who also died on Friday. The child had had fever, cough and running nose for a week before seeking treatment last Sunday.
Q:so how did the boy die??

A:Because his nose ran away.



Am i over you?

August 7, 2009

1.) I manage to delete the photo of u and me took together

2.)Although i still think bout u everyday..there r no any special feelings anymore

3.)I manage not to call n text u for more then a week..(except 4 yesterday..juz wanna hv full load in my car b4 back to my home)

4.)I manage to send sarcastic msgs(in msn) to u like how i usually send to ppl who ask me stupid question..

U:back in s’wan d?


and no more conversation followed..damn!!i’m the king..haha!!

i didn’t expect i can get over u so soon..i’ll say i’m 80% over u now..

1 of my coll senior had juz pass away..though i don’t really noe him i still can feel the sadness from his friends and fellow club mates..3 of my housemates noes him quite well..he died of

Varsity student ‘died of severe dehydration’

KLANG: The 22-year-old Universiti Tenaga Nasional student Gary Leon Robert who was found dead at the Shah Alam stadium on Monday had died due to severe dehydration.

His uncle, known only as Ng Chuen, said the organisers had probably not provided sufficient water for the runners in the marathon.

The family was still undecided whether or not to institute legal action against the organiser, Ng told reporters at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) mortuary Tuesday.

Gary Leon had collapsed in one of the stadium’s tunnels on Sunday after completing a 22km run in the Adidas King of the Road marathon event organised by Adidas and the Shah Alam City Council.

The electronics and electrical engineering student had participated in the event with two of his friends who had also completed the run.

He had sprinted ahead of the two but when he failed to turn-up at their designated meeting place after the run his worried friends searched for him and informed his family that he was missing.

Gary Leon’s father Marry Robert had lodged a police report at the Section 11 police station on Sunday after he was alerted of his disappearance.

dat’s wat the newspaper write lar..but 1 of my housemate told me dat..when the police found him..his hand is broken and face full of bruises..no 1 noes wat really happened..from what i heard..this senior is kind of like a great person..has a lot of friends,good in studies,active in clubs and sports..losing a person like him will make uniten and his club a lesser place..i can c how sad Alex(my housemate) is when he mention stuff bout him..i can feel it too among my friends who noes him..wat i’m trying to say here is, cherish every moment u have with ur family and friends..life is short..we won’t noe what will happen next..so i guess sometimes we must juz put away our pride and ego and tell our family and friends how much we love them,how important they are in our lives..so to my family and friends(this is the first time i’ll say to u guys)..I LOVE YOU!! you all make my life real meaningful..knowing u guys in this life is really a blessing from god..juz want u guys to noe how important u guys r to me..

btw..i’m having a mild flu,headache,sawthroat,and fever..hopefully it’s not H1N1 lar..haha

for more info bout him..




I’m suffering emotionally  recently..i tried so many ways to let her go..but it couldn’t work..it had been months since i really spoke to her..i didn’t really noe what happen??why did i ever met her??why must she come here anyway??there’s not a day dat pass by dat i nvr think of her..she didn’t show any appreciation dat i had invested in this relationship all this while at all!!whenever i wanna talk bout stuff between me n her she’ll juz change topic..wonder y she’s so conservative..though so far i still manage to hide my emotional problems among my uniten close friends but i’m affraid i might explode vry soon..i’m starting to get sick of her..she won’t even rpl my msgs anymore nowadays..she’ll juz pick up m call like..1 out of 8-9 times..ppl will get bored..ppl will get tired..n i’m juz 1 normal human being..quit playing games with my heart..whenever i think of u it’s tearing up my heart..i had done so much to foster this relationship..but i’m on a one way street all this while!!maybe u couldn’t feel it..but i’m dat kinda person who dont know how to really show my expression..everytime when i try to talk to u stuffs between us..do u noe how much courage i need to fork out??u think it’s ez..well i’ll tell u now..IT’s NOT!!when i first confess to u..u told me dat u’re nt prepared..coz u’re still suffering from ur previous relationship..but it had been 3 years d..u still couldn’t recover??u didn’t even give me a chance to help u recover..whenever i wanna discuss bout ur pass u’ll juz change topic again..i’m wondering sometimes is it because u still couldn’t walk away from ur past memory??everyone must move on..so do i..part of me hope that i could get over u as soon as possible..but another part of me are still staying..this kinda feeling sucks..how i wish humans are like vulcans..no emotions..it’s all about logic only..without emotions..so many things in history couldn’t even take place at all..which in my point of view is good..for example..the holocaust..i wish dat these water did exist in this world..known to chinese as 忘情水..i hope that u’ll read this post and realise how much pain i’m taking now..i hope dat u’ll talk to me again..(how i wish our s’wan psychologist is still around..hope she’ll on9 soon..i seriously need some help here!!) sry if u feel offended..but u must try to understand my feelings too..coz it’s vry hard for me..hope u’ll forgive me


August 1, 2009

i’ll start to blog again soon..i promise..i noe it had been a long time..but i couldn’t find any interesting topic to blog about..but recent events really get me pumping..be prepared!!