my brand new collection..

August 23, 2009

my late REEBOK DMX had serve me well for the past 2 years..but because of “old age” i was forced to retire it from my service earlier by half a year..reasons y i had to put him to retirement..

-the sole  gonna come off anytime soon..

-the inner sole got my foot print already!! and this makes running and jumping extremely uncomfortable n difficult..

-the pvc leather had cracked and started to drop like dandruff

-cushion supporting the feet had become so thin that i feel like i’m wearing a converse shoe to play basketball

lucky parents went to penang and get me my first ever nike basketball shoe..had 2 reeboks,2 adidas,1 admiral,n 1 brooks far i find dat adidas basketball shoe n reeboks’ r almost how a nike bb shoe feels like..haha..i’m’s the image..

Nike Air Nside BB


a rather simple looking shoe..ngam ngam suit my taste..pick by my younger sis..luckily she didn’t pick those colourful retro basketball shoe for me..haha..or else i’ll look like a LaLa

top view

the top view..


the sole r rather simple..hope it’ll cope with my gameplay..coz i turn a lot..this is rather flat..


the outer comment here..


i have a feeling dat the rear view looks rather fierce..hehe..


the inner view..i think it looks much nicer compare to the outer view..maybe nike should turn it around..


lastly..the front view..looks like old school to me..

this will be my 3rd nike n 10th sports functional shoe since form 1..for a guy,my rate of changing shoes can consider fast d..pity those africans who got no shoe to i wish i can send them my old shoes..i don’t think they even care bout old or long as can wear can d..but it wouldn’t be nice for me to do like dat..coz ppl will thought dat i send junk to them..


One Response to “my brand new collection..”

  1. cynsheng said

    at last u got ur shoes…hahaha

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