August 26, 2009

didn’t saw my new shoe yet..got a new watch as well..ish..2moro gonna hv a quiz and a midterm on saturday..web prog not done yet..2 more midterm papers to sit for through the following 2 weeks..y am i here blogging??ish ish..so fan nao!!dunno wat to do first!!annimation,drawings,projeks!!all not done yet..ish ish!!all this gifts come at the wrong time..it’s not even christmas yet..haha..merdeka gift??probably..cyn sheng left my uni d..kurang 1 person to bully d..ish..i’m not perfect in C prog oso..jia yi keep asking me to teach her..ish ish..later get low marks blame me pulak..wahlao..how i wish raya reach as soon as possible..ish..but dat means my projek dead line will be bought forward as well..wahlaoeh..this few day rain so damn heavily..wanna play bb oso cannot..like today..whole day sunny then 4pm rain pulak..untill now!!miss call of duty 2,4,5 so much!!gonna go watch UP this saturday after exam..hope it’s a nice movie..ish..i don’t noe y i like to use this word so much recently..ish!!

random pics..


my new watch..i get the silver 1..coz they don’t hv the black colour 1..


my burst car tyre..dunno wat happen??


latest me..dunno y i cut my hair till so short..ish!!


whenever i feel boring in class..Image082

study!!ISH ISH ISH!!



  1. cynsheng said

    ish…less 1 ppl to bully??? or less 1 ppl to challenge u play pool?? hahahaha…btw wat happen to ur car tyre??? u kacau ppl’s girl ah??? lol…hahahaha

  2. yuanwen said

    UP is very very very very very very nice!!!!! must watch 😀

  3. dagreat said

    cyn sheng – the burst tyer i told u last time lar..when i was coming back to uniten dat time..

    yuanwen – really?? heard a lot of ppl say so..but now got bigger plan d..may go to genting this sunday..haha..

  4. cynsheng said

    ooo icic…so long d…now only post…lol…hahahaha

  5. yvonnehar said

    u write on ur desk ?????? *confused*

  6. dagreat said

    yea..my desk..class 1..i will wipe off 1 lar once the class end..

  7. jbbeh said

    u are bored..don u???lol..

  8. dagreat said

    hell yea!!

  9. ~DeNNi$~ said

    Eh wat brand is the watch ar? that bird looks familiar..
    Eh, u er.. looks kinda LaLA la wei.. lolz.. no offence..!

  10. dagreat said

    Carl Gustuv..yea lor i noe i looks like lala lar..no need to say twice..hair long again won’t look like lala d lor

  11. ~DeNNi$~ said

    Ish, not the brand that I had expected, Ish.. yea lo, probably.. Ish..
    Oh ya, Ish.. i’m supposed to include all these Ish for the previous comment but i forgot.. Ish..! I guess u got all the Ish from Miss Yvonne HAr… right??!

  12. dagreat said

    really??i didn’t notice she use wor..

  13. yvonnehar said

    WHAT? ish?????

  14. dagreat said

    ish lar..ish is ish lor..juz an expression..

  15. cynsheng said

    LOL….ishhhhhhhhhh!!!! hahaha

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