juz wanna promote ppl’s blog..

December 20, 2009

life’s been bz lately..with projects n assignments comming up..i wouldn’t hv much time for my blog anymore..well..this is gonna be a short 1..i post this blog..today..is to help promote our dear army friend in upnm bout his blog..maybe some of u know bout it d..but i believe most of u didn’t noe bout it’s existence yet..so..whenever u guys r free..do drop by there http://jerrylyh.blogrox.net/..i felt pity for yi han coz everytime he update his blog..he hardly get any comment..not to say dat his way of writing his blog is boring or watsoever..it’s juz dat..the publicity of his blog ain’t good enough..he is so so isolated in sungai besi..so i think..dropping comments in his blog will help him a lot..

so yi han..i believe u owe me 1 nice meal now eh..Esprit De Corps!!


3 Responses to “juz wanna promote ppl’s blog..”

  1. promote my new blog la dei

  2. Yi Han said

    tiu..say til like im so cham..haha..
    thx anyway.treat u 2 a meal tis x’mas hols? =p

    sachin – we did spread d news,bt u so seldom update la dei..

  3. yuanwen said

    AHAHAHAHAHA. funny.

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