The 5 Ws of blog..

May 14, 2010


Do you guys blog according to these 5 Ws? i guess many do..coz most of them time i’ll follow these as to make ur blog look more sincere,real, and down to earth..from my point of view at least…

..but i juz found out recently dat..there r quite a lot of ppl out there are blogging for the sake of “earning money” do they earn?? putting lots n lots of ads in their blog..

i my self feels that blog are meant to be something really which it will be a place where u can share your thoughts/ideas,your experience,and many other stuffs..those who earn money through posting ads in their blog are rather much can u earn? n how real is ur blog? i find it rather stupid and time wasting doing that..

in the other hand..if u r promoting something,selling products through blog..then it’ll be vry much diff..coz u r earning and learning at the same it is more beneficial..

this is just my personal point of view..i guess you may not see it..or maybe if u came across my blog by accident i hope u’ll drop ur comment that we can share some ideas..



May 7, 2010

为什么没一次都是这样。。我是真的喜欢吗?? 还是那只是一时的感觉。。 应该开口吗?? 如果开了口。。还做得了朋友吗??