August 8, 2009

i copy this from 1 of  The Star’s article..

The other death is a four-year-old with hyperthyroidism and pneumonia at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital who also died on Friday. The child had had fever, cough and running nose for a week before seeking treatment last Sunday.
Q:so how did the boy die??

A:Because his nose ran away.




Am i over you?

August 7, 2009

1.) I manage to delete the photo of u and me took together

2.)Although i still think bout u everyday..there r no any special feelings anymore

3.)I manage not to call n text u for more then a week..(except 4 yesterday..juz wanna hv full load in my car b4 back to my home)

4.)I manage to send sarcastic msgs(in msn) to u like how i usually send to ppl who ask me stupid question..

U:back in s’wan d?


and no more conversation followed..damn!!i’m the king..haha!!

i didn’t expect i can get over u so soon..i’ll say i’m 80% over u now..

1 of my coll senior had juz pass away..though i don’t really noe him i still can feel the sadness from his friends and fellow club mates..3 of my housemates noes him quite well..he died of

Varsity student ‘died of severe dehydration’

KLANG: The 22-year-old Universiti Tenaga Nasional student Gary Leon Robert who was found dead at the Shah Alam stadium on Monday had died due to severe dehydration.

His uncle, known only as Ng Chuen, said the organisers had probably not provided sufficient water for the runners in the marathon.

The family was still undecided whether or not to institute legal action against the organiser, Ng told reporters at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) mortuary Tuesday.

Gary Leon had collapsed in one of the stadium’s tunnels on Sunday after completing a 22km run in the Adidas King of the Road marathon event organised by Adidas and the Shah Alam City Council.

The electronics and electrical engineering student had participated in the event with two of his friends who had also completed the run.

He had sprinted ahead of the two but when he failed to turn-up at their designated meeting place after the run his worried friends searched for him and informed his family that he was missing.

Gary Leon’s father Marry Robert had lodged a police report at the Section 11 police station on Sunday after he was alerted of his disappearance.

dat’s wat the newspaper write lar..but 1 of my housemate told me dat..when the police found him..his hand is broken and face full of 1 noes wat really happened..from what i heard..this senior is kind of like a great person..has a lot of friends,good in studies,active in clubs and sports..losing a person like him will make uniten and his club a lesser place..i can c how sad Alex(my housemate) is when he mention stuff bout him..i can feel it too among my friends who noes him..wat i’m trying to say here is, cherish every moment u have with ur family and is short..we won’t noe what will happen i guess sometimes we must juz put away our pride and ego and tell our family and friends how much we love them,how important they are in our to my family and friends(this is the first time i’ll say to u guys)..I LOVE YOU!! you all make my life real meaningful..knowing u guys in this life is really a blessing from god..juz want u guys to noe how important u guys r to me..

btw..i’m having a mild flu,headache,sawthroat,and fever..hopefully it’s not H1N1 lar..haha

for more info bout him..

I’m suffering emotionally  recently..i tried so many ways to let her go..but it couldn’t had been months since i really spoke to her..i didn’t really noe what happen??why did i ever met her??why must she come here anyway??there’s not a day dat pass by dat i nvr think of her..she didn’t show any appreciation dat i had invested in this relationship all this while at all!!whenever i wanna talk bout stuff between me n her she’ll juz change topic..wonder y she’s so conservative..though so far i still manage to hide my emotional problems among my uniten close friends but i’m affraid i might explode vry soon..i’m starting to get sick of her..she won’t even rpl my msgs anymore nowadays..she’ll juz pick up m call like..1 out of 8-9 times..ppl will get bored..ppl will get tired..n i’m juz 1 normal human being..quit playing games with my heart..whenever i think of u it’s tearing up my heart..i had done so much to foster this relationship..but i’m on a one way street all this while!!maybe u couldn’t feel it..but i’m dat kinda person who dont know how to really show my expression..everytime when i try to talk to u stuffs between u noe how much courage i need to fork out??u think it’s ez..well i’ll tell u now..IT’s NOT!!when i first confess to u..u told me dat u’re nt prepared..coz u’re still suffering from ur previous relationship..but it had been 3 years d..u still couldn’t recover??u didn’t even give me a chance to help u recover..whenever i wanna discuss bout ur pass u’ll juz change topic again..i’m wondering sometimes is it because u still couldn’t walk away from ur past memory??everyone must move do i..part of me hope that i could get over u as soon as possible..but another part of me are still staying..this kinda feeling i wish humans are like’s all about logic only..without many things in history couldn’t even take place at all..which in my point of view is good..for example..the holocaust..i wish dat these water did exist in this world..known to chinese as 忘情水..i hope that u’ll read this post and realise how much pain i’m taking now..i hope dat u’ll talk to me again..(how i wish our s’wan psychologist is still around..hope she’ll on9 soon..i seriously need some help here!!) sry if u feel offended..but u must try to understand my feelings too..coz it’s vry hard for me..hope u’ll forgive me


August 1, 2009

i’ll start to blog again soon..i promise..i noe it had been a long time..but i couldn’t find any interesting topic to blog about..but recent events really get me prepared!!

April 17, 2009

Di dalam sebuah cinta, terdapat bahasa,
yang mengalun indah, mengisi jiwa
Merindukan kisah, kita berdua,

yang tak pernah bisa, akan terlupa
Bila rindu ini, masih milikmu,
ku hadirkan sebuah, tanya untukmu
Harus berapa lama, aku menunggumu,
aku menunggumu

Di dalam masa indah, saat bersamamu
Yang tak pernah bisa, akan terlupa
Pandangan matanya, menghancurkan jiwa

Dengan segenap cinta, aku bertanya
aku menunggumu…
aku menunggumu…

Dalam hati ku menunggu
Dalam hati ku menunggu
Dalam lelah ku menunggu
Dalam letih ku menunggu
Aku… masih menunggu

Bila rindu ini, masih milikmu
Ku hadirkan sebuah…
Harus berapa lama, harus berapa lama
Aku menunggumu, aku menunggumu
Aku menunggu…
Aku menunggumu

Dalam hati ku menunggu
Dalam lelah ku menunggu
Dalam hati ku menunggu
Dalam lelah ku menunggu
Dalam hati ku menunggu

pls go watch the video in youtube..Peterpan-Menunggumu..i hope you’ll understand what i’m trying to say..

March 2009

March 31, 2009

nothing much to blog bout juz gonna crap bout my semester of my foundation studies started finally..this is the fifth week..dat means it left 9 more weeks b4 damn fast..

week 1..

3rd sem started juz like 2nd sem..every1 came back here without the heart or will to study..coz holiday too short..get to noe new lecturers..Physics teacher is a crazy lady(my 1st chinese lecturer) she can finish 1 chapter in 1 week..n the speed dat she is teaching currently is faster then a jet plane..sometimes she can start a chapter on monday n end it on tuesday..the rest of the week we will juz do exercises in the lecture hours..maths right we r supposed to get back the same lecturer dat started to teach us since sem 1..but due to some ‘technical’ problem we got a new lecturer..a chinese lecturer too..(my 2nd chinese lecturer)..nothing special bout her except for her looks..she looks 10 years older then her current IT lecturer..big guy with a big belly..he looks like an indian but how sad..he is a ******…but 4 this sem he is the best lecturer i have..he make the class really interesting..he is much much much more fluent in english then BM..accounts lecturer..malay lady..she’s ok during lecture hours..but i don really like her when we r in the tutorials hour..coz she talk crap more then teaching..physics tutor..indian dude with big beer belly..a lame jack ass..but he can teach..IT lab lecturer..a foreigner..from Iran,Arab,Dubai,Bahrain?? i dunno where..but i can be sure dat he is the most handsome lecturer in the whole COIT..i’m sure my female classmates won’t pass their lab this time so easily coz they concentrate on him more then what he is teaching..haha..ain’t i right joline??

finally get my loan dat i had applied since 2nd sem..but how sad..i only manage to get half loan..which only covers my course fees n book allowance of rm600 a year..i couldn’t get the full loan which covers my living expenses too..T.T..went back to sitiawan on thursday nite juz to settle the loan stuffs..

2nd week..

nothing much happend this week..normal classes n stuffs..went KLCC with justin on sunday to hang out with sachin n his coll friends..

3rd week..

nothing much too..except 4 attending my uncle’s wedding dinner in Avenue K..Ah Yat Abalone’s Restaurant/Forum..nice place there..but didn’t take any pics at all..haha..

4th week..

usual piece of crap..homework starting to pile up!!went to midvalley 4 the first time in 3 months to get a sweater as a birthday present to my crush..last minute decision though..thx Joline again 4 ur idea..went back to CITY AWAN 4 the 2nd time in this month..juz 4 the pentarafan be honest..i went 4 the camp is not for any shit ass duty..i’m back there juz to c my crush..coz her birthday is on rush back there in the afternoon..then go in to the camp at night n give her the present..romp around the camp side 4 a few hours then cao back to sitiawan..went in the camp in the following next 2 days..doing nothing..juz lepak time wasting..sigh..

5th week..

came back 4 this week’s class feeling weird..feel kinda like damn blur..i even almost fainted in the living room juz now..i was squating to fill up my water bottle..but when i stand up i suddenly feel damn dizzy n my vision started to blur n it even turn greysih/blackish..u noe like when u play COD 4 n u r in critical condition..something like dat lar..damn scarry..gonna have physics quiz 2moro..didn’t even prepare yet..more exams n quizzes coming up soon next week..T.T..2moro gonna be April d..hehehehe..1st of prepared!!gonna update my birthday wishes soon too..haha..hopefully all my birthday wishes can be fulfilled..1 of them did came d..waiting 4 the rest only..haha..

dat’s all 4 my March


February 27, 2009

A Double First For UNITEN Elite For the first time ever, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) has scored a double first. Not only will a UNITEN team make it to the ImechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) finals in London next month, they will also be the first a team outside of UK to do so. Indeed, UNITEN ELITE team members Dominic Hua Shi Hao, Lim See Beng, Ghoulesh and Tan Pong Seng have done the University proud. Come 5th March 2009, they are one of the six shortlisted for the final battling to be crowned as champions in the ‘Cooling the Planet’ World Final at ImechE in London, England. The ‘Cooling the Planet’ challenge is an opportunity for young engineers to showcase their skills and demonstrate the roles engineering play in solving global warming issues. Participating teams will be competing to present feasible engineering alternatives to reverse the effects of the phenomena. The UNITEN team’s project titled ‘Carbon Capturing Storage’ is competing against two other London-based teams, Faber Maunsell and Buro Happold in the Mitigation Approach category. The other category, the Geo-engineering Approach, is made up of three all-UK teams. UNITEN managed to beat participants in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific by emerging winners in the Asia Pacific regional heats in December 2008. Winners for this event will receive 500 pounds for each team member. Besides that, consultations will be offered by Climate Scientist and experts in making the winning idea a reality. The winning solution will also become part of Imeche’s environmental strategy and promoted to the media, policy makers and the general public. As such, the Final Competition is feted to be a big one which will be attended by British members of Parliament, professors and top companies. Kudos to UNITEN ELITE!!

there r no…….u all!!haha

copy n pasted from:

3rd sem starting soon..

February 25, 2009

holiday coming to an end soon..n this saturday gonna bid adieu to this lil town in which i had started living since 13..6 years d..time past so is kinda boring coz no kaki around..there r actually..but they r from uniten too..might as well juz meet them at Up Ten..well..i’m proud to say that i did NOTHING AT ALL this daily activities are..wake up,bath,eat,newspaper,pick up sis,bath again,eat again,send sis to tui,pick up sis from tui,help my mom on some chores,sleep,dinner,gazing at my lappie’s screen,2-3am lights off..dat’s life at all!!!i’m quite surprise dat i can sleep so long in the afternoon..i don practice dat..but since there is nothing much for me to do here so sleeping will allow me to kill some time off..

2nd sem results gonna come out soon..kinda excited n nervous..hopefully i can maintain my pointer..or improve a lil..i don expect my pointer to be above 3.5..but i hope i’ll get somwhere around above 3 n below 3.5..coz i screwed my computer paper..hehe..i’ll jump 4 joy if i can get juz a B- for dat paper..still did not pack my bags yet..gonna start packing 2moro i guess..hopefully 3rd sem will be much better then 2nd sem..3rd sem GOAL: score above 3.5 for my GPA!!haha..hopefully i can make it..i think i can if no 1 intro any new cun games to me in the period of 3rd sem..hopefully..i doubt i can go home as frequently as 2nd sem..coz not much long i’ll expect me to stay in campus for most of the time in the upcoming sem..T.T..luckily i’ll have my dad’s previous girlfriend wit me..haha..yea gonna bring car to my Uni d..sooner then wat i had expected..hooray!!i don think i’ll drive around KL for the first month..i’ll try to get used to traffic in serdang first b4 i plan to travel further..moving around the campus ground will be much easier too now..haha..hello tennis court,hello library,n hallo swimming pool!!!

she’s coming out from NS soon..but don think i’ll have time to meet her in this sem..sad..miss her so much..but don think she knows..











what am i supposed to do???

i think it is better off for me not to know you at all..