The 5 Ws of blog..

May 14, 2010


Do you guys blog according to these 5 Ws? i guess many do..coz most of them time i’ll follow these as to make ur blog look more sincere,real, and down to earth..from my point of view at least…

..but i juz found out recently dat..there r quite a lot of ppl out there are blogging for the sake of “earning money” do they earn?? putting lots n lots of ads in their blog..

i my self feels that blog are meant to be something really which it will be a place where u can share your thoughts/ideas,your experience,and many other stuffs..those who earn money through posting ads in their blog are rather much can u earn? n how real is ur blog? i find it rather stupid and time wasting doing that..

in the other hand..if u r promoting something,selling products through blog..then it’ll be vry much diff..coz u r earning and learning at the same it is more beneficial..

this is just my personal point of view..i guess you may not see it..or maybe if u came across my blog by accident i hope u’ll drop ur comment that we can share some ideas..



May 7, 2010

为什么没一次都是这样。。我是真的喜欢吗?? 还是那只是一时的感觉。。 应该开口吗?? 如果开了口。。还做得了朋友吗??



February 18, 2010

had been such a long time since i last updated my time mar..this post is specially dedicated to a person whom i had loved so so much last time..most probably she won’t read my blog  anymore..coz i had deleted all contacts i had wit her ever since i got the news..i didn’t hate her, i’m not angry at her, i need to thank her indeed..for showing me what girls are capable of..n how foolish n naive i was!!

좋은사람 너는 내게 첫사랑
사랑을 가르쳐 준 사람
Never Forget You
I Remember You
기억해 너 하나만

xde title..

December 31, 2009


life’s been bz lately..with projects n assignments comming up..i wouldn’t hv much time for my blog anymore..well..this is gonna be a short 1..i post this to help promote our dear army friend in upnm bout his blog..maybe some of u know bout it d..but i believe most of u didn’t noe bout it’s existence u guys r drop by there felt pity for yi han coz everytime he update his blog..he hardly get any comment..not to say dat his way of writing his blog is boring or’s juz dat..the publicity of his blog ain’t good enough..he is so so isolated in sungai i think..dropping comments in his blog will help him a lot..

so yi han..i believe u owe me 1 nice meal now eh..Esprit De Corps!!


November 5, 2009

Natalie Imbruglia – Want

A round of applause, you got what you want

Take a good look at what you gave up

Because I’m telling you a heart can’t be unbroken

Oooh, oooh

And can you remember how I kiss you?

Recall the sweet taste in your mouth

‘Cause baby the memory’s all you get now

And I’m moving, moving, moving on

All that you want, I hope you get all that you want

I hope you get all that you want ’cause I didn’t

I hope you get all that you want

I hope you get all that you want

I hope you get all that you want ’cause I didn’t

Does every morning make you happy?

And tell me will you laugh yourself to sleep?

I hope you find it easy to forget me

Oooh, oooh

I hope you don’t feel anything when you see me

I wonder if you’re out there having fun

I hope you get all that you really wanted

‘Cause I’m moving, moving, moving on

Don’t you see the light has changed and nothing looks the same?

Just shadows on the ground

And if you listen carefully you’ll hear the sound

All that you want, I hope you get all that you want

I hope you get all that you want ’cause I didn’t

I hope you get all that you want

]I hope you get all that you want

I hope you get all that you want ’cause I didn’t

I hope you get all that you want

I hope you get all that you want

I hope you get all that you want ’cause I didn’t

‘Cause I didn’t…


November 3, 2009




FALL FOR A THING CALL L-O-V-E so blindly ever again!!

not untill i’m really ready for it!!

coz i realize dat i had not enjoy my single life to the fullest yet!!

so mark my words!!

i won’t commit into any relationship untill i’m at least 22!!

y 22??coz i’ll graduate by then..haha!!


October 12, 2009

y am i so dead??

coz finals is 15 days away n i still hv..

3 assignments not done yet..

n i didn’t even started studying yet..

i’m so so so so so so so so dead!!!

didn’t saw my new shoe a new watch as well..ish..2moro gonna hv a quiz and a midterm on saturday..web prog not done yet..2 more midterm papers to sit for through the following 2 weeks..y am i here blogging??ish fan nao!!dunno wat to do first!!annimation,drawings,projeks!!all not done yet..ish ish!!all this gifts come at the wrong’s not even christmas yet..haha..merdeka gift??probably..cyn sheng left my uni d..kurang 1 person to bully d..ish..i’m not perfect in C prog oso..jia yi keep asking me to teach her..ish ish..later get low marks blame me i wish raya reach as soon as possible..ish..but dat means my projek dead line will be bought forward as well..wahlaoeh..this few day rain so damn heavily..wanna play bb oso today..whole day sunny then 4pm rain pulak..untill now!!miss call of duty 2,4,5 so much!!gonna go watch UP this saturday after exam..hope it’s a nice movie..ish..i don’t noe y i like to use this word so much recently..ish!!

random pics..


my new watch..i get the silver 1..coz they don’t hv the black colour 1..


my burst car tyre..dunno wat happen??


latest me..dunno y i cut my hair till so short..ish!!


whenever i feel boring in class..Image082

study!!ISH ISH ISH!!

my brand new collection..

August 23, 2009

my late REEBOK DMX had serve me well for the past 2 years..but because of “old age” i was forced to retire it from my service earlier by half a year..reasons y i had to put him to retirement..

-the sole  gonna come off anytime soon..

-the inner sole got my foot print already!! and this makes running and jumping extremely uncomfortable n difficult..

-the pvc leather had cracked and started to drop like dandruff

-cushion supporting the feet had become so thin that i feel like i’m wearing a converse shoe to play basketball

lucky parents went to penang and get me my first ever nike basketball shoe..had 2 reeboks,2 adidas,1 admiral,n 1 brooks far i find dat adidas basketball shoe n reeboks’ r almost how a nike bb shoe feels like..haha..i’m’s the image..

Nike Air Nside BB


a rather simple looking shoe..ngam ngam suit my taste..pick by my younger sis..luckily she didn’t pick those colourful retro basketball shoe for me..haha..or else i’ll look like a LaLa

top view

the top view..


the sole r rather simple..hope it’ll cope with my gameplay..coz i turn a lot..this is rather flat..


the outer comment here..


i have a feeling dat the rear view looks rather fierce..hehe..


the inner view..i think it looks much nicer compare to the outer view..maybe nike should turn it around..


lastly..the front view..looks like old school to me..

this will be my 3rd nike n 10th sports functional shoe since form 1..for a guy,my rate of changing shoes can consider fast d..pity those africans who got no shoe to i wish i can send them my old shoes..i don’t think they even care bout old or long as can wear can d..but it wouldn’t be nice for me to do like dat..coz ppl will thought dat i send junk to them..